ÊDÎ BESE! Our NO, before and after Paris.

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ÊDÎ BESE! It is NO pronounced by those who live the front of the Kurdish resistance. And it’s the same which we want to say to a global conflict which feeds on human lives.

vostre guerre nostri morti

Approach to an analysis of the events after last Friday night in Paris means refer to a large amount of complex subjects which intersect each other. A possible way, allowing not to exclude anything – the human, the political, religious, the economic one and the migration one, both in and over national level – without being trapped only in narration, is to start from those places and people who fight for self-determination and independence and understand who and what is this NO addressed to. Then, it turns out that ISIL, Assad’s Syria and Erdogan’s Turkey, along with their allies, more or less obvious, are the recipients of that NO, or “Enough is enough”, which is not else as kurdish declination of “Ya Basta!”, the battle cry of the indigenous peoples of Chiapas.
Our perception of ISIS, as made by the mainstream media in the West, is of an unshaped enemy with no body, no face; a purpose-built imaginary by ISIL organisation itself, supported by Western information agencies, functional to the narrative that turns Europeans malleable to easy xenophobic and militaristic accelerations, to the dichotomous Christians Vs Muslims opposition and, consequently, the legitimation of, military or not, overpowering intervention with the only real motive to protect economics and hegemonic business, arose on the ruins of entire populations, to the detriment of freedom and fundamental rights of every living being. The goal of creating a state of terror, hatred and criminalization of an entire part of society, minimizing the affair to a religious or a civil clash, means nothing but reinforce the xenophobic right wings which are taking over across Europe. The same Europe which doesnt take into account those who, like Erdogan, winks ISIL and equips it with arms to fight Kurds who tries to oppose the Caliphate’s barbarity, or the – not so underhand – affair among Putin and Assad to “contain” ISIL advancement. The same Turkey, enemy of the Kurdish autonomy as much as Daesh, author and often complicit in the massacres consumed in the territory squeezed between Syria, Turkey and Iraq, home to the G20. While Syrian people – the highest percentage in the migration flows to Europe – remains in the grip between the Assad dictatorship and terror of ISIL.

It ‘clear that ISIL is one of the actors of global conflict to control territories and oil business. In the heart of this conflict develops profits for the jackals of the arms traffic, the migration flows, the gains of easy change of public opinion for the consent hawks. We’re talking not only of xenophobic extremism, fascist and inhuman of Salvini and Le Pen but also and perhaps more important, for those democratic facade governments which propose themselves as a counterpart but which, actually, feed on intolerable affairs or unjustified interventions, as French military raid against Syria a few months ago, or even fertile ground for those dictatorships established in the Middle East and who suppress any attempt of emancipation and development of Arab societies. An example is the underhand agreement Renzi – Erdogan, which committed Turkey to retaining migration flows to Italy in exchange for the silence of the Italian press about what is happening in the refugees camps runned by Turkish where women and children are raped, people disappear apparently without any reasons, it is forbidden, using even death penalty, to use Kurdish speech, profits are made on refugees with a kind of embargo and the task to supply of basic necessities are assigned to “complacent” companies and prices are similar to those you pay in a luxury resort.

In short, a long chain of complicity and complacency in which it becomes difficult to distinguish between enemies and friends, of which ISIL (Islamic States of Iraq and Levant), Turkey and Syria are only the the iceberg tip. A huge system in which the Western powers hold the key role of omniscient directors: sometimes interventionists colonizers, when the economic or military control of the territory become indispensable to the maintenance of national economies and the power; other times peacemakers and exporters of democracy, when it’s needed to demolish not complacent dictatorial systems; now blinded and deaf viewers, when the revolutionary movements, based on the principles of self-determination, try to fight undemocratic governments, indirectly compromising the global system solidity because they can export an alternative vision.

That’s why we choose to read this story by expressing our solidarity with the revolutionary process started and practiced by the Kurds, an antidote to the conditions of misery and exploitation of which organizations such as ISIL feeds themselves, directly produced by the immune system of humanity, offering, both in theoretical than practical terms, a solid and real alternative answer to the dynamics so far experienced in the territories of the Middle East. Then we discover that ISIL and the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party), are both registered in the black list of terrorist organizations of the European Union Coucil, shows this inability and political unwillingness to consider an affine classification of these two subjects. While ISIL feeds itself with instability, poverty, lack of education, unemployment, that the Western invasion has left in the territories, the feeling of revenge, the threat of a Europe who closes its borders to migratory flows; the Rojava project, supported by the PKK, withstands with a dream of coexistence between cultures, religions and ethnic groups, in the democratic confederalism theorized by Abdulah Ocalan, where school, environmentalism, equal rights between genders and autonomy are crucial foundations. The same treatment reserved by the international coalition for SYrian democratic forces: neither media nor even international diplomacy, seem to want to consider the existence of a complex of political balance and decreases, also in Syria, the dichotomous as contradictory trivialization “with ISIL or with Assad.”

ISIL is the westernmost of the actors of the Middle East conflict, as to be “almost” the only one – not to mention Iran – able to play a role in global conflict. The land on which ISIL grows, in the Middle East and in Africa, is the same that Western is preparing by the years with austerity, with the demolition of the welfare state, the downgrading of rights and freedoms, migrants and vulnerable people marginalization. Closed borders, just soon as migration flows to Europe were becoming more intense and “unmanageable”, it is a demonstration of how governments looks at the radicalization of immigration policies as the only strategy; stiffen the law to stop terrorism, without realizing that it is given only a response to the effect and not to the cause. But to whom should we close the borders? In fact, the self-styled Islamic State is not recognized in international law, much less has to be overlayed on the Islam that, from the start, has distanced condemning the barbarism of this terrorist organization. In fact, it is clear that the nationality of ISIL militants is not attributable to a particular state, and some of them have European nationality. We even wonder why, after the events in Paris, none talked about the attack in Lebanon, almost in parallel (all Muslims), perhaps because they are children of a “lesser God”? So we doubts that the action / reaction of France and Europe could be a political alibi of those who have an interest in keeping its scepter of terror, with the sole purpose of control. In fact, as we have seen recently, Jiahadist meet and grows inside most radical mosques and sometimes improvised in some sub-scale (as in Italy where there is no law that legitimate places of worship such as mosques), in prisons and uncomfortably places of our city. This is not about holy war, this is fanaticism. If we want to talk about holy war, then the only God in the name of which this war is being fought it has a name and it is only “capital”.

We believe that the effort has to be made right in the construction of a ground on which ISIL cannot take root, the same ground on which doesn’t take root the degenerate Salvini’s thesis on the alleged connection between terrorists and Muslims, Muslims and migrants, and for a kind of para-scientific transitive property, between terrorists and immigrants, according to which the closure of borders, or a tightening of controls and expulsion, may be the appropriate response to stem the danger of terrorism. We are convinced that missiles and bombs, whatever the hand that launches them, are fertilizer of this ground. We believe that the response needs to grow through self-organization of the people because, where open communities are organised, supportive and ready to dialogue – such as the Autonomous Regions of Rojava, the first one to fight ISIL, sometimes repelling and taking back their cities as Kobanî – there will be no space for hatred, neither the jihadist nor neo-fascist, nor for the terror. We believe that the time has come for the West to tell his own “enough is enough!”.
Just STOP, with feeling superior and untouchable, stop thinking that budget of a thousand deaths in Europe, a few thousand if you include the United States, should be valued more than the tens thousands of deaths, only in the Mediterranean sea, escaping wars that we ourselves have generated.
STOP! with the arrogance to choose revolutions or governments or systems to support or eradicate.
STOP! with the idea that the system we have created has to be defended at all.
We demand the right to get off the squares, take back the streets, take back our lives, not hiding and fomenting hatred and suspicion, because if we let people like Le Pen, Sarkozy, Gasparri, Salvini to be the answer to all this , “our war” will be lost.

We look at who is resisting an enemy that frightens us more than anything else in the world, look at the enemy with the same eyes of the women fighters of the YPG, through the eyes of those who defeated him despite the aversion of Erdogan and his army that massacred hundreds of Kurds in their own homes.

We reiterate our solidarity with all the families in that bloody Friday they lost loved ones, guilty only of living.

“Only people save people, only the peoples save the peoples”

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